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OMB Mexico Wedding: Why Mexico?

Dan and I cannot believe how fast time flew by. It feels like just yesterday Dan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him... well, did he?

How did Dan propose?!

Cancun has always been one of my favorite vacation spots. My family and I started going there when I was little. From my parents making home-cooked meals in the villas before playing on the beach all day to having to tiptoe in the adult pool because I’m too short (okay - I still have to), to our wedding celebration in Playa Del Carmen. My family has countless professional and cheesy photos to show for it…You know, the ones where they make you stand back to back with your arms crossed against your chest? Yeah you can count on my family for always having those at any vacation. Oh and yes, we would pre-determine matching outfits. 

When Dan and I started dating, he learned quickly that Cancun had a special place in my heart. We've gone a few times already, so back in 2021, we decided to plan a trip for Dan's birthday with our best friends. And Dan, giving an ode to my family's need to always take professional photos, figured, why not do it for us? Listen, I know this should have been an indicator that I was getting engaged, but the backstory here is that Dan just opened up the district earlier that year, and I felt like I couldn't pressure him (any longer than I already was) to pop the question. I needed to learn how to be patient!

So, to kick off our last Cancun trip as boyfriend and girlfriend, Dan got down on one knee, the photographer asked me to turn around, and there he was smiling back at me. But that was it LOL... Dan froze and didn't say anything. I had to ask, "Is this you asking me to marry you?" And he would just nod... and then I asked, "Are you sure?" So happy the photographer got to capture it! Also pro-tip for those looking to propose on a trip, don’t be afraid to find a replica during the proposal and then have the real one waiting at home. Dan found a similar version of my ring on Etsy and proposed with it so that I didn’t have to worry about wearing it in the pool or losing it while on vacation. I now always travel with a fake ring instead of my real one and people can’t tell the difference!

Thank you to everyone who traveled all the way to Mexico last year to celebrate with us. We are so blessed, and you all have a special place in our hearts. We seriously are so grateful for all the love and support, and more importantly, can't wait for the Vow Renewal/OMB Mexico Wedding reunion!

But stay tuned! We just finished recapping OMB Mexico, and next month we'll be covering the finale: OMB JERSEY! 🎉

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