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OMB Jersey Wedding: The Photographer

I know it probably makes sense to start with the venue, but I do want to give a huge shoutout to our photographer, MICHAEL J RAMOS, especially since we are about to SPAM you with all the amazing shots he captured on our wedding day last year.

I found Mike by stalking a ton of Instagram profiles. Social media seriously is so helpful when it comes to planning your wedding, especially if you are looking for a certain style or vision. I wanted our Jersey wedding to feel different from our Mexico one. Our destination wedding called for a light and airy feel. For our grand finale to the OMB Tour, I wanted this one to have a different mood. I've always loved the editorial and "vogue" shots; they feel so luxurious, and I figured what a fun way to capture this wedding, especially since the venue, Felina, was not the ordinary wedding banquet hall you see in NJ (more on that in our next post!).

After sending an initial inquiry to Mike back in 2022, he had a great turnaround time and was also flexible with me and Dan when it came to scheduling an initial consultation. That's such a huge plus for busy couples planning a wedding: vendors who understand work schedules and are willing to accommodate! It was a great conversation, and not to mention, Mike and I share the same last name (well, at least until I officially became Mrs. Bulay!). It pretty much felt like it was meant to be.

Mike was there for ideas throughout the wedding planning process and even just to get us excited about our wedding day. Even though we still had the Mexico wedding first, Mike would still reach out and check in with us, building a relationship. That's so key with your wedding photographer because, in reality, besides your wedding planner or day-of coordinator, your photographer is going to be by your side pretty much the entire day. Energies have to match, and the vibe has to be there! We had an opportunity to do an engagement shoot with him in the city, which was so fun to do. Even though we were already a couple of months married during the shoot, I felt like Dan and I already had the practice from our first wedding, so this time, and with the help of Mike, we were so much more relaxed! I absolutely LOVE these photos.

Mike is officially part of the OMB family. We can't wait to have a reunion and see him at the next "family cookout." So excited to see him again this year at my cousin's wedding this summer!

If you're thinking about hiring Mike as your photographer, here's a tip: Just do it. HE IS AMAZING! You won't regret it! Thank you, Mike, for everything!

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