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OMB Mexico Wedding: Our Headliners

Okay, so maybe it wasn't a music festival, but trust us, it felt like one! This post is all about our amazing wedding party, or as we like to call them, our HEADLINERS for the best Wedding "Tour" ever. It all kicked off with our epic "proposals" to our friends and family, where we went all out with festival-inspired boxes filled with goodies like bracelets, iron-on patches, fanny packs, and yes, even a round of getting ”ICED" because, well, tradition! A special shoutout to our brother-in-law Mark for chugging those Smirnoff Ices bright and early, keeping the secret that Monica (Dan’s sister & now mine!) was pregnant at the time with our future nephew/ring bearer, Luca!

With 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 2 ushers, and 1 ring bearer, our crew was nothing short of legendary. Each member represented us individually and as a couple, bringing their own flair to our wedding weekend in Mexico. It's not every day you see such a diverse group come together and vibe like they've known each other for years. We loved watching friendships blossom and even witnessing our cousins and friends hang out without us – talk about FOMO.

PRO TIP for all our couples getting married and having wedding parties: be intentional about connecting everyone prior to wedding day - schedule some hangouts or meet-ups before the wedding. Whether it's a casual dinner, a fun happy hour or activity or a group chat for those scattered across the map, giving your wedding party a chance to connect beforehand makes all the difference. Trust us, you don't want awkward introductions at the altar!


How many people?

2 Maids of Honor (my ride-or-die cousins) and 5 Bridesmaids, including 2 Sisters-In-Law and 3 Besties 

What did they wear?

Skye Satin Dresses from Revelry (Colors: Terracotta Rust, Dessert Rose & Cinnamon Rose). Fun Fact -  I assigned everyone a color based on an ombre look that I was obsessed with and gave everyone an option to choose any kind of dress; they all ended up choosing Skye! Honestly, I'm thinking about buying one for myself because you can never go wrong with a classic cowl neck gown with a great knee-high slit.

Where was the bachelorette?

New York City! I don’t care what anyone says, NYC will always be my favorite city in the world. And yes - there will be a post on this in the future! I also wanted to keep things local since we would be traveling for the wedding week!

Who did hair and make up?

Believe it, people. The Fives Beach & Hotel Spa absolutely nailed it with our hair and makeup. Keep in mind, we had no pre-trials before the wedding day. They offer great packages for wedding parties that also include access to the spa prior to getting our services. It was so great to be with my girls in the morning and relax in the saunas, steam rooms, and pools before getting ready. Although - I was too excited to sit still for my moisturizing mask! I am absolutely amazed by how they got every detail right from our inspiration pictures. I cannot believe it. A huge shout out to Flora, who did all my bridal hair and makeup!


How many people?

Dan had 2 Best Men, 5 Groomsmen AND 2 Ushers, aka our HYPE MEN for the evening.

What did they wear?

Custom Suits from Indochino in the color Sand. Fun fact: We loved seeing the little customizations each of the guys had for their suits! And we are so happy they now have suits they can wear for future summer events. Considering we would be asking everyone to wear their attire again for our Jersey wedding, the math made sense for the guys to purchase custom suits instead of renting!

Where was the bachelor party? 

Philadelphia! Dan also wanted to keep things local and was able to invite some of his close friends outside of his groomsmen to join in! Fun fact: Our maids of honor & best men both unintentionally planned a Japanese BBQ dinner for our weekends without even speaking to each other - I guess they just know how much we love Japanese food!

And what about the family? Dan and I are blessed to have our parents join in on the celebration. A huge shout out to my parents who coordinated the travel for all their siblings - it was the first time in a long time they got all their siblings together and outside of the country to experience an all-inclusive resort vacation. Our dads also bought custom suits that were slightly darker than the groomsmen so that they could stand out. My mom wore a light blush dress to match my bridal party, and my mother-in-law (Dan’s mom) wore a light green which complemented the groomsmen's suits. Hats off to Connie (my mother-in-law) because did you know that all my bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations for both our Mexico and Jersey weddings were all DIY?! She even made sure we had the appropriate packaging to ensure they all fit perfectly in our suitcases to ensure safe travel so that nothing broke in transit. OH, and our ring bearer - LUCA got to wear the traditional Filipino “Barong” and he truly was a showstopper.

When we first started planning our destination wedding, we honestly were just so excited to finally get all of these people (and their significant others) together with us in our favorite vacation spot. We are so thankful that they all made the journey, especially since traveling is not cheap, and we were pretty much asking them to commit to two weddings that were only 6 weeks apart. They truly were the headliners. As much as it was Dan & my special day, we loved seeing everyone come together and enjoy a vacation of their own. Can’t wait to make vacationing in Mexico a lifelong tradition with these people. 

See you guys all back in Cancun in 2025!

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