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Designing Your Wedding Invitations?

Don't let Wedding Invitations give you any unwanted anxiety for your big day. At LSC Event Planning, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect invitation style that reflects the formality and theme of your wedding. With our expertise, you can navigate the vast array of options and unlock the secret to designing invitations that leave a lasting impression. From colors and legibility to envelope addressing and RSVP management, we'll guide you through each step, ensuring your wedding invitations are a true reflection of your style and the first glimpse into the magical celebration that awaits. Let's delve into the intricacies of wedding invitations and discover the art of creating a cohesive and unforgettable stationery suite.

Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Unlock the secret to choosing the perfect wedding invitations.

Set the tone for your special day with an invitation style that matches the formality and theme of your wedding. Gather inspiration from stationers' websites and real wedding invitations to convey your preferences to us.

Let your colors shine through every aspect of your wedding, starting with your invitations.

Incorporate your wedding hues and motifs into your stationery to achieve a cohesive look. From classic ivory with black or gold fonts to vibrant colors and metallic accents, choose colors that reflect your style. We will ensure your wedding paper suite is a visual delight from start to finish.

Ensure your invitation text is clear and legible.

Strike a balance between colors and patterns, ensuring the information on your invitations is easy to read. Avoid light ink on light backgrounds or dark ink on dark backgrounds. Choose easily readable fonts and consider the contrast between text and background. We will guide you in making the right choices for optimal readability.

Keep your invitation card clutter-free.

Include only essential details such as ceremony time, location, hosts, your names, dress code (if desired), and RSVP information. Avoid overcrowding the card to maintain an elegant and organized appearance. Additional information can be shared on your wedding website or through separate enclosure cards. Trust us to guide you in presenting your invitation with elegance and clarity.

Strategize your RSVP timeline.

Place your RSVP information at the bottom right corner of your invitation or on a separate card, and set a deadline within three to four weeks after guests receive the invitations. Coordinate with your caterer to determine the final head count deadline. Providing ample response time allows for proper seating arrangements and finalizing important details. Rely on us to help you manage RSVPs effectively.

Elevate your envelopes with professional addressing.

Consider having a calligrapher address your envelopes for a beautiful and sophisticated touch. If opting for DIY, take your time and maintain consistency in handwriting. Professional addressing creates a lasting impression and adds a personal touch to each invitation. We can connect you with expert calligraphers to add a touch of elegance to your envelopes.

Scrutinize the proof with a keen eye.

Before printing your invitations, review the proof meticulously. Enlist the help of a detail-oriented friend or family member to double-check for errors in spelling, wedding date, and time. Read the proof word by word, backward, to ensure no mistakes go unnoticed. We will guide you through the proofing process to achieve perfection.

Strategize the number of invitations needed.

Carefully assess your guest list to determine the number of households requiring invitations. Cohabiting couples receive one invitation, while couples living separately can receive either one invite or separate invitations. Families receive a single invitation addressed to the entire family. Exceptions apply for college students or individuals over 18 living at home. We will assist you in optimizing your invitation count.

Prepare for contingencies with extra invitations.

To avoid the inconvenience and expense of printing additional invitations later, order enough invitations for your guest list plus extra copies. Having extras on hand allows for re-sending invitations, keepsakes, or accommodating a B-list. Consider ordering a second set with a later RSVP date for extensive B-lists. We will ensure you have enough invitations to cover any unexpected circumstances.

Complete your wedding stationery suite.

Consolidate your stationery order by including menus, programs, and thank-you notes alongside your invitations. This approach saves time and ensures a cohesive and coordinated look across all your wedding paper elements. We will help you design and order a comprehensive suite that reflects your style and theme.

Express gratitude with timely thank-you notes.

Utilize a guest list manager tool or spreadsheet to track RSVPs and record gifts. Begin writing thank-you notes promptly, sending them within two weeks for gifts received before the wedding and within three months for gifts given on or after the big day. We will provide guidance on proper thank-you note etiquette.

Avoid surprises with a postal weigh-in.

Weigh a sample invitation at the post office, including all enclosures, to determine the correct postage. This step prevents invitations from being returned due to insufficient postage. Ask about hand-canceling to preserve the integrity of your invitations, ensuring they are processed carefully. We will advise you on postage requirements and mailing considerations.

Designing Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are more than just pieces of paper—they are the first chapter in your love story and the gateway to a remarkable celebration. At LSC Event Planning, we understand the significance of every detail, and we are here to ensure your wedding invitations capture the essence of your unique journey. From selecting the perfect style and colors to addressing envelopes with elegance and managing RSVPs flawlessly, our team will be by your side, making the invitation process seamless and enjoyable. Trust us to guide you through the world of wedding invitations, creating a cohesive and breathtaking stationery suite that sets the stage for an unforgettable day.

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