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OMB Mexico Wedding: The Unplugged Ceremony

Embarking on the journey of planning our destination wedding in Mexico was filled with countless decisions, but one choice stood out among the rest—the decision to have an "unplugged" ceremony. Amidst the vibrant celebrations and joyous dances, our rooftop terrace ceremony at The Fives held a special place in our hearts.

The Unplugged Dilemma: How to Get Everyone on Board

Choosing my brother, Eleazar ("E"), as our officiant added a personal touch to our ceremony. Having legally tied the knot back in NJ, we were free to get creative with our symbolic ceremony. E, a longtime friend of Dan's from college and a key figure in our lives, was the ideal person to guide us through this momentous occasion.

Multiple meetings with E prior to our destination wedding allowed us to shape a ceremony that was both symbolic and inclusive. We aimed for something different, something that would make our guests feel intimately connected to our celebration. It was clear to us from the start—we wanted an unplugged ceremony. While not entirely unique, we wanted to ensure our guests fully embraced the moment without the distraction of screens.

Crafting the Unplugged Experience

E, being a thoughtful and articulate speaker, took charge of making the announcement. Before asking everyone to put away their phones, we decided to turn the unplugged announcement into a participatory activity. E invited our guests to take a moment for themselves, snapping a selfie and sending it our way along with a heartfelt note. The result was a delightful collection of smiles and messages, a snapshot of love and warmth that we cherished.

Our photographer, keen on capturing these candid moments, immortalized the sweet selfies in a series of pictures that became a cherished part of our wedding album.

After this heartwarming interlude, E kindly asked everyone to stow away their devices, assuring them that our professional photographers would capture every meaningful moment. This subtle transition from the digital to the real world set the stage for a ceremony that was not just witnessed but truly felt.

Why Unplugged?

Some questioned our decision, wondering why we opted for photos over videos. My response was simple—this was a memory crafted for us and those who shared in our celebration. The absence of recording devices made our ceremony feel raw, intimate, and wholly present. The stumbles, the whispers, the laughter—all woven into a core memory that plays in our hearts like a cherished melody.

Want to go "Unplugged" for your Wedding Ceremony?

Here's what I share with my clients to put on their wedding websites:

"We're going 'unplugged'! We kindly ask that all phones and cameras be put away and turned to silent/off during our ceremony. We have a hired a great team of photographers and videographers to capture our commitments to each other and promise to share all the media with you when we receive them.

Optional Add On:

Before our official exchange of vows, our officiant will inform you of a designated time for you to capture as many pictures/videos of us as you like.

Stay tuned as we unravel more unique moments from our destination wedding ceremony!

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